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Lost Level: Episode Fifty

Guys! It’s episode fifty! We made it! So bust out the champagne while listening to this very special episode where we talk exclusively about games. There’s a lot of video games coming out around this season, and its hard to cover them all. However, we’re doing our very best to give you, our loyal listeners, our thoughts on some of the hottest titles that are coming out. So what games are we going to discuss this time? Let’s go down the list. We have Halo 4, the latest game in the popular franchise helmed by a new studio: 343 Industries. We also get into the new DMC demo, which is also a popular series being handled by a new developer. This time it’s Ninja Theory pulling the reins. Next is Assassin’s Creed 3. Then Chris plays Persona 4 Golden, a handheld J-RPG, and actually likes it. No, really. It’s weird. Finally, we fellate The Walking Dead by Telltale Games a little bit more as we give out final thoughts on the first season.

The Lost Level: Episode Forty-Eight

Hello listeners,

These weeks away from you has been a trying time. We counted the hours as they passed. Every day that we couldn’t contact you was a day of darkness. Thankfully, a light of hope and joy has broken through the blackness that was our absence, and we come bearing a new episode to help you get through the restless nights. Adam and Chris talk about their lovely vacation to Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Also, Alex reveals a dark secret that nearly traumatizes Adam. Other than that, we have our usual discussion about the latest news in games and movies. I hope this letter finds you well, and hopefully not too many night pass until we can meet again.

With Great Love,

The Lost Level.

Lost Level: Episode Forty Three

Listen. I need you to try and contain your excitement, but episode forty-three of out Lost Level podcast is now available for you to listen to. You don’t need to tell me how awesome that news is, because I already know. The only sad thing about it is that Christina couldn’t be with us again. Thankfully, we were able to make up for it with a lively discussion of The Walking Dead: Episode 3. Ironic. Chris and Adam then talk about the latest “Leviathan” DLC for Mass Effect 3, and then Adam gives us his impressions of Binary Domain. Finally, we delve into this week’s video game and movie news. Now stop jumping for joy and start listening.

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REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day


The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day is one of those games that I really was unsure about when it was first announced. The reason was because I didn’t know how I felt about yet another zombie game coming out. Our society is so obsessed with zombies, and they are everywhere in our media nowadays. It’s just a genre that has been done to death. So, when I heard that they were making a Walking Dead game my initial reaction was the obvious, “That makes sense based on the popularity of the show.” That was immediately followed by an eye roll. I fully expected a half-assed first person shooter that was based on the TV show, and not the comic. I was completely surprised by this episodic game. It is phenomenal.

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The Lost Level: Episode 8

This week on The Lost Level… G transforms into full “Atlus mode” and talks a little bit about Catherine, the latest title from the folks behind Personas 3 & 4. Adam, on the other hand, shares his not-so-happy experience with the recent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC. And then we have Chris (and G) discussing Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens in a non spoiler-y mode.

Plus– news topics which include the Nintendo 3DS price drop, TimeSplitters 4, Resistance 3 beta, Peter Berg’s Battleship teaser trailer, leaked set photos of Bane, The Expendables 2 rumored cast, and so much more!

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