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The Lost Level: Episode Forty Five

Hello, loyal listeners. Welcome to a very new, very dense episode of The Lost Level. We have a lot discuss this week. Chris and Adam both got to see Resident Evil: Retribution, and they give us their impressions of the movie. Keeping with the franchise, Alex and Adam tell us what they thought of the Resident Evil 6 demo that was recently released to the public. Next, we pass it off to Christina for a new Pocket Gamer segment where she talks about her experience with Little Big Planet for the Vita. But, wait. There’s more! We go back to Chris and Adam, who both got to see Dredd 3D. From there, we have our usual open discussion about the latest news in video games and movies. So, pull up a chair and have a seat. You may be here a while.

The Lost Level Round Table: The Dark Knight Rises

The Lost Level Round Table: The Dark Knight Rises is a spoiler heavy podcast. So this is your warning, if you haven’t seen this movie yet then please wait to listen to the podcast until after. The Lost Levelers discuss the story, the characters, and the ending to the Christopher Nolan Batman universe. Find out what we thought about the last chapter to the series. More importantly let us know what you think. There has been some great discussions about this movie, and we’d like to know if you agree, or disagree with us? Find out what we thought now!


REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the epic conclusion to the Christopher Nolan trilogy starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. The movie starts off eight years after the events of The Dark Knight. The Batman has retired, and there has been relative peace in Gotham. That’s until a new villain comes to town, Bane, played brilliantly by Tom Hardy. Nolan’s take on Batman has always focused on the psychology of what drives a man to do such extraordinary feats to protect a city. The Dark Knight Rises completes the Bruce Wayne/Batman character arc and is largely satisfying to the fans. There is so much content in this movie it almost feels like it’s too much. Rises has the longest run time of the three, and as much as I didn’t want to see this franchise come to an end there are many things in the movie that could have been cut to strengthen the film.

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The Lost Level: Episode 23 — Holiday Episode

This week on The Lost Level… it’s the holiday special episode and we have the usual crew, talking and bickering about basically their most anticipated video games and movies of 2012!

What will Chris pick from the extensive list aside from Mass Effect 3 and The Dark Knight Rises? Is Alex really not that interested in grabbing a PlayStation Vita? What about Adam and his love for Silent Hill and survival horror games? And can G actually pick anything else aside from a Final Fantasy game and a Marc Webb feature film?! Tune in, fellow enthusiasts, as TLL wraps the year up with one of their most fun episodes ever recorded!

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Impressions

Nope, you’re not going to find any footage description(s) or any spoilery stuff in this entry. Why should I, anyway, in the first place? Do you seriously want to be spoiled?! Reading anything remotely related to the ultra-amazing-omg 6 minute prologue and watching it is the equivalent of say… trading an Xbox 360 over a PlayStation 2 because the Madden football game you-oh-so-love isn’t available for the 360.

Or something along those lines.

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The Lost Level: Episode 22

This week on The Lost Level… there was a show called the Spike Video Game Awards 2011 — pretty sure you’ve heard about it — that just happened recently, and we have the guys sharing their overall impressions of this year’s show, as well as the major announcements that were unveiled. Sony and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us anyone? Or how about the craziest reveal of the show (according to G that is) which was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Fun times.

This episode is indeed pretty huge, and they’ll be covering other meaty stuff as well namely: November NPDs, PlayStation Vita multiple accounts dilemma, the Shigeru Miyamoto “stepping down” story, Thor 2  and Star Trek sequel updates, Michael Bay possibly directing Transformers 4, Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises teaser posters, TDKR’s Operation Early Bird, and more!

Don’t forget the first Lost Level meet and greet coming up on December 16th. Details are on Facebook.

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The Lost Level: Episode 21

This week on The Lost Level… Nintendo strikes back with not just one, but two triple-A titles this season: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land. G, Alex and Chris are going to be sharing their impressions on Link’s latest escapades, while Adam (with his brand new sparkly Zelda 3DS) will be talking about Mario’s impressive debut on Nintendo’s eye-boggling handheld.

Then we also have Alex and Chris briefly discussing that ridiculous game called Saints Row: The Third. Is it worth playing despite the amount of triple-As we have this Fall? Find out!

And finally, as usual, the news which include: the newest Xbox 360 Dashboard, Gears of War prequel trilogy c/o the guys who made Bulletstorm, Sony’s very own Super Smash Bros. game, Metal Gear Solid 5’s subtle announcement, PS Vita memory cards, The Dark Knight Rises update, and more!

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The Lost Level: Episode 14 — New Beginnings


This week on The Lost Level… Adam returns from a very special corporate gaming convention to discuss a lot of meaty and interesting games. New games specifically that are coming out later this Fall which include Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, the PlayStation Vita, Skyrim, Rage and… Ubisoft’s Rocksmith?! Seriously now?

Then we have the awesome trio (that’s G, Chris and of course Adam) who are joined once again by Alex “Mr. Nips” Sanberg to talk about recent gaming and movie news. Topics this week include Star Wars: The Old Republic’s release date, the crazy Final Fantasy X remake rumor, Diablo 3’s “Early 2012″ release window, Anne Hathaway and her questionable Catwoman costume, updates on the Mass Effect movie, and more!

Special thanks, by the way, goes to The Fold and their song “Neverender” for providing this show’s intro and outro music.

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FIRST LOOK: Catwoman Costume in Dark Knight Rises

Comics Alliance posted a couple pics of Anne Hathaway dressed in the the traditional Catwoman leather that brings all the boys to the yard. This is a much different look than the first image we got of her on the Batpod with the glasses. As we all know Nolan likes to keep things as realistic, and purposeful as possible, so it wasn’t a stretch to believe the first image was his interpretation (sans glasses) of the classic character.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Comingsoon posted even more pictures. (click on Read More)

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