Telltale Games

Lost Level: Episode Fifty

Guys! It’s episode fifty! We made it! So bust out the champagne while listening to this very special episode where we talk exclusively about games. There’s a lot of video games coming out around this season, and its hard to cover them all. However, we’re doing our very best to give you, our loyal listeners, our thoughts on some of the hottest titles that are coming out. So what games are we going to discuss this time? Let’s go down the list. We have Halo 4, the latest game in the popular franchise helmed by a new studio: 343 Industries. We also get into the new DMC demo, which is also a popular series being handled by a new developer. This time it’s Ninja Theory pulling the reins. Next is Assassin’s Creed 3. Then Chris plays Persona 4 Golden, a handheld J-RPG, and actually likes it. No, really. It’s weird. Finally, we fellate The Walking Dead by Telltale Games a little bit more as we give out final thoughts on the first season.

Fables Delayed to Q3 of 2012

Once upon a time, there was a game studio known as  Telltale Games. They lived a happy life, creating games like Back to the Future, Sam & Max, and Poker Night at the Inventory. One day, they were proud to announce that they started to work on Fables. It’s at this point in the story that I feel I need to pause and clarify that this game should not be confused with Fable, the ambitious Lionhead Studios game series that never fails to disappoint the people of the kingdom upon its release. Rather, this is based off of the incredible and majestic comic book series of the same name. It’s a series that one should read.

Fables was suppose to be offered to the people during the first 3 moon cycles of this year. However, our story takes a dark turn when news of its delay spread across the kingdom. While the reasons for the delay are shrouded in darkness, there is a glimmer of hope that remains in the knowledge that the game will see life  during the third quarter of 2012 A.D. It also fills my heart with joy to learn that we will be getting glimpses of the game during this year’s prestigious E3 and San Diego Comic-Con galas in June and July, respectively. We may also find this game to take on a new name, just so further confusion with the Lionhead game ceases. Whatever the case may be, I hope our tale ends with “happily ever after.”