The Lost Level: Episode Sixty Two

episode 6

It’s that time of year again. It’s like Christmas, but without all that annoying “family” stuff. Of course I can only be talking about E3, and this year was a doozy. With next gen consoles coming out this year, we see what the future of video game entertainment has to offer, and it has got us all tingly inside. Listen to what we liked (which was a lot) and what we didn’t like (significantly fewer of these things). You can just hear the excitement in our voices!

However, let’s not forget that a movie came out about some superhero. You may not of heard of him. He’s pretty underground. He goes by the name “Superman,” but he has also been know to go by the title of his latest movie: Man of Steel. We all got to watch it, but we all didn’t have similar thoughts about it. So, yeah. All in all, this is a fun episode.



E3 Podcast is Coming Your Way


With the first major press conference for 2013′s E3 out of the way, it is clear that there will be a lot to talk about within the next few days: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, exclusive games, pricing, release dates, EA franchises, Ubisoft franchises, Nintendo (I guess). So, keep an eye for the latest episode of The Lost Level coming out later this week, where we will get into the thick of it.

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Five

episode 55

Guys! Guys guys guys guys guys guys! Next Gen is coming! Yes, Sony officially announced that PlayStation is coming, so how could we not talk about it on our podcast. Adam and Alex discuss why it has them so excited, while Chris is old and fears change. Granted this generation of console has lasted 7 years, so he just probably grew comfortable and complacent in playing Halo as he drinks hot cocoa while wearing his robe and slippers that are most likely bunny in theme. From that, we go into our weekly news in video games and movies. So, won’t you join us as we anticipate the future.

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Four


Did you guys miss us?! The correct answer is yes, but I’m sure you were all smart enough to know that anyways. We have episode fifty-four ready to serve to you piping hot on a plate. Chris and Alex discuss A Good Day to Die Hard, and the the crew talk about a poll that the… ahem… fine people at GameStop conducted. From there, we go to the latest news in video games and movies, including January’s NPDs, speculations about the PlayStation 4, and the up coming X-Men movies. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to a sultry voices again after such a long break.

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Two

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Okay, I know we’re a little late in communicating that sentiment, but the holidays are a busy time for us. There’s all the gift buying, and bad gift returning, and visiting the family in the hopes that this year won’t somehow involve the police but of course it will. It always does…

With our first episode of 2013, Adam and Chris talk about Django Unchained. We also discuss the patent that Sony applied for that would essentially link  games disks to a limited number of consoles. Take that used game sellers! Then we wrap it all up with video game and movie news for the week. Oh, and Chris tries to justify his purchase of a Kinect again. That silly Chris.  Let’s see what antics he gets in this year!

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-One

Hey there, Lost Levelers. It’s you’re favorite time again. No, not Hammer Time. It’s a new episode of The Lost Level. This week we have Alex talking about Silent Hill: Downpour in the latest  “Backlogged” segment. We also get into the latest talk about the next generation of consoles that will be sneaking their way onto store shelves. Also, Adam lets his imagination run free with the known details for the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. We have news. We have laughs. Please, join us.

Sound Shapes

I have an addiction to anything that rolls around like a little blob in a video game. The minute I saw Sound Shapes and its little one eyed blob I had to buy it. It reminds me of Japan Studio’s ‘Loco Roco’ and Juicebox’s ‘Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!!’. To say the least I haven’t put my controller or Ps Vita down since last week. Read More

The Lost Level: Episode Thirty Seven

Sorry for the delay! The Lost Level: Episode 37 is here, and we had a lot of fun recording this podcast. We give our awards for the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Listen as we talk about the best and worst of the show! Who will win for the best conference? Which game blew us all away? We even cover what our individual ‘Most Anticipated’ games are. You’ll never guess what Chris says! Listen now to find out all the answers. To find out the categories, and the nominees for the show click on ‘Read More’

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Sony finally unveils PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Remember a few weeks ago when everybody was curious about project “Title Fight”? You know–  Sony’s supposed answer to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise?

Well, it’s real and it’s called — OK, the title of this entry just gave it away, don’t you think? Typically expected, if I may add:

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