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The Lost Level: Episode Sixty-Eight

episode 68

Why is The Lost Level Episode 68 coming out after Episode 69? If you think it’s because Alex can’t do math, you’re half right. Alex’ inability to do math has nothing to do with the episode order. It’s just an obstacle he has to overcome. The truth of the matter Chris got busy, and couldn’t edit them in order. This episode was made several weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean we love it any less. One day when Alex or Adam figure out the password to Chris’ computer you might start seeing lost episodes randomly popping up. Chris seems to hoard them like a mad man. Seriously, you should see all the news clipping he has pinned up connecting Lost Level articles to an underground race of lizard men. In this episode some of the news might be old, but its still a good listen if you value the opinions of the Lost Levelers!

Hey, remember when we had a podcast? Those were the good ol’ days. We were feeling kind of nostalgic, so we decided to actually post another podcast. Craziness! Alright, so what can you expect from this episode. Well, the crew weighs in on the latest “second screen” technology that has been more an more prevalent in the video game industry, especially with the next generation of consoles. Also, Chris and Alex  tell you about their experience with Saints Row IV. From there, we give you the latest news in video games and movies. Ah. It’s just like riding a bike. So hop on and come along for the ride.

Lost Level: Lost Episode One

We’ve dug into the archives and found an episode that didn’t quite make the cut. Old Man Chris couldn’t be around for this episode, the the kids get to have some fun without the adult around. In this episode Adam and Christina talk about their experience with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale,  Christina is back with a new Pocket Gamer segement in which she discusses Sound Shapes, and from there we have our usual video game and movie news. Let the hijinks ensue!

UPDATE: Since this recording took place S.H.I.E.L.D. was picked up by ABC, not AMC as discussed on the episode.

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The Lost Level: Episode Forty Two

After few weeks’ break we are back with some all new ear candy. That’s right! Episode forty-two of The Lost Level is availble for you to enjoy. Christina couldn’t join us for this episode, so the men get to have some fun without the woman around.  Alex is back with a brand new Backlogged  segment where he discusses The Witcher 2. Beyond that, we have our video game and movie news that you have come to expect and love. So pour yourself a nice brandy, light up a fine cigar, and enjoy our gentlemanly discussion for this week

UPDATE: Since the recording of the episode, we have discovered that OnLive was purchased by Lauder Partners, LLC

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The Lost Level: Episode 29

It’s finally here! The Lost Level: Episode 29 is good to the last shot! Well in G’s case anyway… Gzep is taking a long vacation, and the guys try to send him off in style. Sometimes good intentions aren’t always the best ones, and that is why we had to record two different versions of Episode 29. There was a lot of great material from “the lost 29th” and we couldn’t ditch it all. So Chris decided to work in random tidbits from G’s adventure into a bottle of Tequila. This is hands down the funniest episode that will never see the light of day, but fear not, some parts are still alive in this new version of the podcast!

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The Lost Level: Episode 22

This week on The Lost Level… there was a show called the Spike Video Game Awards 2011 — pretty sure you’ve heard about it — that just happened recently, and we have the guys sharing their overall impressions of this year’s show, as well as the major announcements that were unveiled. Sony and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us anyone? Or how about the craziest reveal of the show (according to G that is) which was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Fun times.

This episode is indeed pretty huge, and they’ll be covering other meaty stuff as well namely: November NPDs, PlayStation Vita multiple accounts dilemma, the Shigeru Miyamoto “stepping down” story, Thor 2  and Star Trek sequel updates, Michael Bay possibly directing Transformers 4, Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises teaser posters, TDKR’s Operation Early Bird, and more!

Don’t forget the first Lost Level meet and greet coming up on December 16th. Details are on Facebook.

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The Lost Level: Episode 20

This week on The Lost Level… Mr. Howlett, who is currently making waves in TV, is unfortunately absent in this news-heavy episode. Hence, it is all up to the fun-tastic trio of G, Chris and Alex to discuss the hot gaming and movie news over the last 2 weeks, which include: Modern Warfare 3’s sales, the October NPDs, PlayStation Vita’s “UMD Passport” service, the GTA V teaser trailer, Akira live-action updates, Black Friday video game deals, and a bunch more!

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The Lost Level: Episode 19

This week on The Lost Level… Adam discusses the new inFamous 2 DLC, Festival of Blood, and shares us his initial impressions whether the stand-alone expansion is worth the reasonable $10 purchase or not. At the same time, he’s also going to be talking about the recently released Resident Evil 4 HD, which he found… well, tune in to find out! Then we have G briefly trying to convince Adam, along with the rest of the Lost Level crew (Chris and Alex), about Persona 4: The Animation. Fun.

And of course there’s the news which include: Grand Theft Auto V speculation, Nintendo losing BILLIONS of Yen, the very first PlayStation Vita bundle for US, Rainbow Six: Patriots, Takashi Miike’s Ace Attorney movie, Wolverine 2 update, and more!

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PlayStation Vita coming to North America and Europe on… February 22nd!

Finally, the launch date of Sony’s upcoming portable gaming device — featuring that oh-so-gorgeous 5-inch OLED screen — has officially been announced: February 22, 2012. Head on to Sony’s blog (posted by the bossman himself, Jack Tretton) to find out more if you wish.

Still no word on the US/EU launch titles, but you can bet it mirrors the Japanese one in terms of big releases like Uncharted 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.


The Lost Level: Episode 15 — It’s Confirmed!

This week on The Lost Level… the group shares their initial impressions on the recently released Battlefield 3 Beta, and some thoughts on the Hugh Jackman “robot-movie” Real Steel.

Then, as always, the news which include: PlayStation Vita 3G download limitations, Dead Space 3 plot leaks, Gears of War 3 DLCs, LucasArts making a new (rumored) Star Wars first person shooter, Entertainment Weekly’s “rushed” Avengers cover, Mortal Kombat coming (or rather “koming”) back to the big screen, MAJOR Arrested Development news, and more!

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