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Lost Level: Episode Fifty

Guys! It’s episode fifty! We made it! So bust out the champagne while listening to this very special episode where we talk exclusively about games. There’s a lot of video games coming out around this season, and its hard to cover them all. However, we’re doing our very best to give you, our loyal listeners, our thoughts on some of the hottest titles that are coming out. So what games are we going to discuss this time? Let’s go down the list. We have Halo 4, the latest game in the popular franchise helmed by a new studio: 343 Industries. We also get into the new DMC demo, which is also a popular series being handled by a new developer. This time it’s Ninja Theory pulling the reins. Next is Assassin’s Creed 3. Then Chris plays Persona 4 Golden, a handheld J-RPG, and actually likes it. No, really. It’s weird. Finally, we fellate The Walking Dead by Telltale Games a little bit more as we give out final thoughts on the first season.

The Lost Level: Episode Forty Two

After few weeks’ break we are back with some all new ear candy. That’s right! Episode forty-two of The Lost Level is availble for you to enjoy. Christina couldn’t join us for this episode, so the men get to have some fun without the woman around.  Alex is back with a brand new Backlogged  segment where he discusses The Witcher 2. Beyond that, we have our video game and movie news that you have come to expect and love. So pour yourself a nice brandy, light up a fine cigar, and enjoy our gentlemanly discussion for this week

UPDATE: Since the recording of the episode, we have discovered that OnLive was purchased by Lauder Partners, LLC

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