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Lost Level: Episode Forty Three

Listen. I need you to try and contain your excitement, but episode forty-three of out Lost Level podcast is now available for you to listen to. You don’t need to tell me how awesome that news is, because I already know. The only sad thing about it is that Christina couldn’t be with us again. Thankfully, we were able to make up for it with a lively discussion of The Walking Dead: Episode 3. Ironic. Chris and Adam then talk about the latest “Leviathan” DLC for Mass Effect 3, and then Adam gives us his impressions of Binary Domain. Finally, we delve into this week’s video game and movie news. Now stop jumping for joy and start listening.

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A Lot of Metal Gear Solid News

There was a party for the 25th anniversary of  Metal Gear the other night, and a lot of interesting news came from it. No, it’s not that Hideo Kojima got drunk and started a fight with a coat rack, though that would be awesome. First off, Metal Gear Solid, the game that is always mocked as already being a movie, is going to be made into an actual movie. The film was announced by X-Men and Spider-Man producer Avi Arad and is being made by Columbia Pictures. It is unclear at this moment how much influence Hideo Kojima will have in its development. Read More

[UPDATED] New Metal Gear Solid Planned for Development

While we are still eagerly awaiting to get our hands on Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance by Platinum Games, it appears that Konami is already looking to give us more from the series. The developer has posted job listings for the next MGS that will be coming to “PC and high-end consoles.” They are asking for people who have had experience developing games for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

While this is very awesome news, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Even though Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots wrapped up everything very nicely, we have heard that from creator Hideo Kojima that a true sequel was coming. Now we just know that it will becoming sooner than we may have expected. Hideo has said, however, that his involvement in this won’t be nearly as great as it was for the original Metal Gear Solid. He his, after all, also busy working on “Project Ogre,” whatever that is.

Now, the question is what do you think this game will be about, and who do you expect to make an appearance? One concept image that is displayed shows a person with an eye patch, a badge that appears to read “[something] Dogs” with a picture of a dog on it, and a dog standing behind him. That’s a lot of hounds. So that’s all we have to go off of for now. Let’s start hearing those crazy theories. Ready? Go!

My first theory: the game will be called Metal Gear Solid 5: The Dogs of War… and you play as a dog.

[Update] Thanks to to a picture Hideo Kojima posted on Twitter, it is probably safe to assume that the badge says “Diamond Dogs.” Does this mean that David Bowie  is going to be in the game? I vote “yes.”

Hideo Kojima officially confirms Metal Gear Solid 5. Sort of.

Don’t get too excited just yet: The latest issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine UK has Kojima coughing out his plans for the “past, present, and future of Metal Gear Solid” which include, obviously, MGS5 and the mysterious Project Ogre.

In short, Kojima basically just said that there’s a game called “Metal Gear Solid 5″ he’s currently thinking about. Done.

Shocking? Hardly. We knew it was coming anyway.

Konami Officially Announces Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition for North America

It’s essentially the game (of course), a specialized packaging created by series artist Yoji Shinkawa, and a
248 page exclusive “The Art of Metal Gear Solid” artbook.

The price? A whopping $79.99 according to Amazon. That’s awfully a lot considering that most Limited Editions — especially the ones that are just simply attached with an artbook — would cost probably 10-20 bucks higher than the standard MSRP.

Personally, I’m still undecided if I’m going to nab this as soon as it comes out. That’s mainly because (A) there’s a lot of games that are coming out this November. In short– my wallet’s going to receive a lot of beating, no shit. And (B) repeat letter A and keep reminding in your head also about “time”, schedules and so forth.

The Lost Level: Episode One

“It’s the ‘retail’ version of The Lost Level where G and Chris discuss a lot of things… such as the InFAMOUS 2 demo, Bridesmaids, The Hangover Part II AND Konami’s (recently aired) pre-E3 event, which had a couple of juicy announcements! Big ones like the HD Collections of Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders, plus a bizarre game where you can freakishly take out the main character’s head and use it as a weapon! No, we are dead serious.

Plus– a West & East perspective on the Gears of War series and some very –and I do mean very– quick E3 predictions.”


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