The VGAs are Coming!

It’s hard to take the VGAs seriously. I hold the awards to about the same standard as the VMAs, which is to say no standard at all. So, why be excited for the VGAs on December 10th? The reveals. The glorious, glorious reveals. Geoff Keighley, video game journalist and VGA host, tweeted some things about the VGAs and teased at what we can expect from the ceremony.

First off, he said “Alan Wake returns,” which I’m sure about 5 people are excited for. But who knows, maybe his return will bring closure to a story that still makes no sense, even after its DLC that was suppose to give the game a satisfying ending. More excitingly, there will be something revealed in regard to Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Bioware will announce a new game from a new studio. Is it too early to ask for a Mass Effect MMO? These are just a taste of the things that we can expect from the Video Game Awards Show. We can’t wait to see what else it brings.