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Lost Level: Episode Fifty

Guys! It’s episode fifty! We made it! So bust out the champagne while listening to this very special episode where we talk exclusively about games. There’s a lot of video games coming out around this season, and its hard to cover them all. However, we’re doing our very best to give you, our loyal listeners, our thoughts on some of the hottest titles that are coming out. So what games are we going to discuss this time? Let’s go down the list. We have Halo 4, the latest game in the popular franchise helmed by a new studio: 343 Industries. We also get into the new DMC demo, which is also a popular series being handled by a new developer. This time it’s Ninja Theory pulling the reins. Next is Assassin’s Creed 3. Then Chris plays Persona 4 Golden, a handheld J-RPG, and actually likes it. No, really. It’s weird. Finally, we fellate The Walking Dead by Telltale Games a little bit more as we give out final thoughts on the first season.

Devil May Cry HD Collection. It’s Happening.

The videogame industry, much like Hollywood, is running out of ideas. So, what is their solution? HD remakes! Capcom officially put the rumors to rest by announcing the Devil May Cry HD Collection for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will contain Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, and cost $40.

HD collections make sense for games like Metal Gear Solid or ICO, that have a very cinematic experience. But then you have games like Devil May Cry. Do you really need to see a white-haired metrosexual repeatedly hitting demons in the face with a sword in HD? I vote no, even though I do like the series. But this is why we’re getting the new DmC. So that we can experience a fresh version of the gameplay we love with more story that I can ignore.

DmC (Devil May Cry reboot) TGS Trailer

OK, DmC is looking better every trade show. No, really, I mean it. I think I’m finally beginning to like this game despite the backlash. Technically. Kinda. Sorta. Bah, whatever.

Though I’m still backing up the whole “Dante looks like Hayden Christensen whatnot” fiasco because, well, he’s not the Dante we all grew up with. Imagine Solid Snake being redesigned into a young, caucasian man with girly hair… how would you feel!? Oh wait…

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 TGS Trailer

Featuring Danny Rand-K’ai a.k.a. Iron Fist and Devil May Cry’s Vergil. I’m pretty sure that’s enough already to grab your attention (assuming you like MvC3 of course). Oh and it has some cool looking, comic book-y panels too… plus a lot of those flashy, special attacks that are just terrific to watch. Also embedded, after the break, are Iron Fist and Vergil’s introductory trailers.

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The Lost Level: Episode 12

This week on The Lost Level… friend of the show and returning guest Alex “Nips” Sanberg joins the awesome trio, once again, in this jam packed, game-centric episode of TLL!

Topics include Dead Island, the 3DS right circle pad, Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XIII-something updates, the recently announced Persona 4 games, Blizzard’s upcoming titles in the next 3 years, the new Xbox 360 Dashboard, GameStop selling Apple products, Star Wars Blu-rays, and more!

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The Lost Level: Episode 10

This week on The Lost Level… Gamescom! Check out this special episode where the guys will be discussing a lot of interesting news from this year’s largest games event that isn’t labelled “E3″. Topics include the recent PS3 price drop, the new Wii and PSP models, Escape Plan for the PlayStation Vita, tons of new trailers for upcoming games (Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, DmC, etc.), and a bunch-bunch more!

Then there’s also other, hot gaming-related topics such as GameStop’s console streaming service and Hideo Kojima’s “trolling” Tweet about Zone of the Enders 3DS (or was it 3DZ?). Hey Hideo, tell us something we don’t know will ya?

And finally there’s the movie-news segment where they’ll be talking about The Avengers and its recent D23 presence, new Pixar movies, the Ghost Rider 2 trailer, Ridley Scott’s new Blade Runner outing, dinosaurs(!) AND Resident Evil: Retribution’s casting issues.

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