The Lost Level

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Eight

episode 98_2

Welcome to The Lost Level. Blah blah blah Bloodborne. Blah blah blah Deadpool. Blah blah blah the only interesting things happening right now. Listen blah blah!

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Seven

episode 97

Hey there, team! How are we all doing? Doing alright? Great. Glad to her it. Hey, listen. We got a new episode  for you guys to listen to. I know what you’re thinking: “A new episode? Really? But it’s not even my birthday.” Well, we’re just giving it to you out of the kindness of our hearts. That is, unless it is your birthday. In that case, we got you a new podcast for your birthday! No need to thank us. We should be thanking you for being born. Anywho, in this episode Chris and Alex discuss Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son. Then we go into our usual news in video games and movies, and you better believe we discuss Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in length. Enjoy, and happy maybe birthday.

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Six – Best Movies of 2014

episode 96

You got our take on videogames from 2014 last week. Now it’s your chance to hear what we had to say about the movies. Listen to what we loved and what we were disappointed with.

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Five – Best Games of 2014

episode 95

I know you guy have been waiting with bated breath, and it is finally here! Chris, Adam, and Alex all give you their top 5 games of the year (as well as some of the stinkers they played). What makes the cut for them? what left them wanting more? Listen to find out!


The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Four


Hopefully all of you are fully recovered from the holidays. It’s been a busy month for the Lost Level crew, but now we are back to give you that podcasting that you’ve come to love oh so much. This week we talk about Evolve, a sequel to the movie Twins, and the possible death of Deadpool. Just consider this a late Christmas present.  No need to thank us.

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Three

episode 93

It’s the Teaserception! We are going to get you excited about getting excited! Isn’t that exciting?! What’s really exciting is this new episode of The Lost Level where Chris and Alex talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition, Black Friday, games coming out broken, and other various topics that send us spinning into various tangents that cause us to rant. We also have your various news stories in video games and movies… that end up in rants as well.

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-Two

episode 92

Hey there, buddies! How ya doin’? Doin’ good? Gooooooood. Hey, listen. We got a new episode available for you to listen to. Do you think you’d like to hear it? Here. Let me tell you about it. In this episode, Chris and Alex get to talk about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well as their experience in the alpha test for Evolve. Then, they got into their usual discussion of the latest news in video games and movies, including, but not limited to Tony Hawk, aimibo, and Toy Story 4.  So, hey, why don’t you relax a bit and give it a listen. We think you’ll enjoy yourselves.


The Lost Level: Episode Ninety-One

episode 91

Halloween week is over, and Chris and Alex are all hopped up on candy. That sound like the perfect time to record Episode 91 of The Lost Level! This week the two of them discuss their initial impressions of Sunset Overdrive, the Insomniac Games exclusive for the Xbox One. Then, as an extra little treat to all our loyal ghoulies out there, they will go into the latest news in video games and movies. Okay, that may not be extra because they do that every episode. Trick! Hahahahaha.  Got you!

Sorry… That was the candy talking.

The Lost Level: Episode Ninety

episode 90

Welcome back. We are so glad you could make it. after a week’s break, we come back with the whole crew on this jam-packed episode. I don’t mean that there is jam in our podcast. That would be silly. I just mean we have a lot to talk about. For instance: Adam gives us his impressions of The Evil Within and the PlayStation TV. We also go into the latest news in video games and movies, including Titanfall, the 3D Realms Anthology, and the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. we also talk about Co-Op-Hoard-Like-Aspects.