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The Lost Level Roundtable: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


This week Chris and Alex talk about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. They found it very refreshing, especially when you consider last week’s review *shudder*. So, if you are looking for a spoiler-filled review of the summer blockbuster, look no further than here.


The Lost Level Roundtable: Transformers: Age of Extinction


Guys. We need to talk. Chris and Alex watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was… Jesus-Autobot-Christ. I don’t think they’re going to recover from it. Just listen to their spoiler-filled discussion of the movie and try to understand exactly what it is they went through.

The Lost Level Roundtable: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and InFamous: Second Son


Yo. It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these, but we have got a new Round Table for you. For those of you who aren’t in the know: our Round Tables are SPOILER FILLED reviews of movies and games. Let this serve as one of the many warnings we will give you regarding that manner. Anyways, this episode is a two-fer. We will be discussing both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and InFamous: Second Son. Word? Word.



The Lost Level Round Table: The Dark Knight Rises

The Lost Level Round Table: The Dark Knight Rises is a spoiler heavy podcast. So this is your warning, if you haven’t seen this movie yet then please wait to listen to the podcast until after. The Lost Levelers discuss the story, the characters, and the ending to the Christopher Nolan Batman universe. Find out what we thought about the last chapter to the series. More importantly let us know what you think. There has been some great discussions about this movie, and we’d like to know if you agree, or disagree with us? Find out what we thought now!


The Lost Level Round Table: Max Payne 3

‘I walked into the room and the guys were already sitting in their usual places. The air was thick with cigar smoke, and the smell of cheap bourbon still lingered in my nose as if I hadn’t finished that bottle hours ago. I gave a silent nod to each of them as I sat down in front of my microphone. We didn’t prep for this cast, well, unless you count that empty bottle as prep. I learned in and clicked the record button.’

The Max Payne 3 Round Table is finally here! As always with our Round Table discussions there are very SPOILER HEAVY and we recommend that you take the time to play the game first, then come back and listen to the podcast. Once you do that let us know what you thought of the game! We’d love for you to share your thoughts!

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The Lost Level Round Table: The Avengers

Lost Levelers ASSEMBLE! The Lost Level is back with an exciting round table discussion for The Avengers! 

As always our round tables are SPOILER HEAVY so if you are the only person in world that hasn’t seen this movie yet then stop reading this and run out to your nearest theater! Go now! We will be sitting here waiting for you, literally. All right, are you back yet? Alex fell asleep waiting for you but he dreamt of Scarlett Johansson, so it wasn’t a complete loss. I bet you were regretting that large soda half way through the movie weren’t you? When did America decide that a “Large” soda is equal to a “Vat”? Luckily for you our podcast is bladder, and kidney friendly! Just download this round table and you can take us where ever you would like! Listen to Adam, Christina, and the rest of the cast as they discuss everything Avengers! Will Chris find something wrong with the latest from Joss Whedon? Can Alex refrain from gushing over Black Widow long enough to add his thoughts on the rest of the star studded cast? Listen now to find out!

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The Lost Level Round Table: Mass Effect 3

The Lost Level Round Table discussion for Mass Effect 3 is here! Chris was really excited to sit down with the guys and discuss his favorite franchise. We haven’t done a Round Table in a while, so as a reminder this cast is spoiler heavy. We do not hold back, so if you haven’t played Mass Effect 3 then wait to listen to this until you have seen the credits roll. Unless you don’t mind being spoiled.

The Lost Levelers discuss everything from story, characters, and controls to the ending of the game. Find out what the guys think about the end of the trilogy. We loved recording this cast, so we hope you enjoy it!

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The Lost Level Round Table: Chronicle

Welcome to another exciting installment of The Lost Level Round Table discussion a.k.a. the “spoilercast”. In this episode… the guys are reviewing Josh Trank’s first feature film: Chronicle. Is it truly a sleeper hit and one of 2012’s finest movies so far? Or is it simply another gimmicky, found-footage film filled with shaky cams and ho-hum thrills? And, seriously, do we still need a bastardized Hollywood live adaptation of Akira at this point? Tune in!

Just a heads up – this is a spoiler heavy episode! So if you haven’t seen Chronicle yet, then this is NOT the podcast for you. You have (obviously) been warned.

REVIEWCAST: Saints Row: The Third

There is something special about listening to Bonnie Taylor’s “Holding Out For A Hero” while driving the hardened streets of Stilwater. To capture the spirit of Saints Row: The Third for the podcast Chris made Alex drive around with him listening to that song at full volume, and on repeat… for hours.

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