The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Five

episode 55

Guys! Guys guys guys guys guys guys! Next Gen is coming! Yes, Sony officially announced that PlayStation is coming, so how could we not talk about it on our podcast. Adam and Alex discuss why it has them so excited, while Chris is old and fears change. Granted this generation of console has lasted 7 years, so he just probably grew comfortable and complacent in playing Halo as he drinks hot cocoa while wearing his robe and slippers that are most likely bunny in theme. From that, we go into our weekly news in video games and movies. So, won’t you join us as we anticipate the future.

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Four


Did you guys miss us?! The correct answer is yes, but I’m sure you were all smart enough to know that anyways. We have episode fifty-four ready to serve to you piping hot on a plate. Chris and Alex discuss A Good Day to Die Hard, and the the crew talk about a poll that the… ahem… fine people at GameStop conducted. From there, we go to the latest news in video games and movies, including January’s NPDs, speculations about the PlayStation 4, and the up coming X-Men movies. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to a sultry voices again after such a long break.

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Three


I know you all have been holding your breath for this, so here it is: our top games and movies from 2012. I’m glad we got this out there, because a few of you were starting to turn a little blue in the face. Yes, we are finally going to reveal our top 5 video games and top 3 movies of the past year, as well as some honorable mentions and the ones that didn’t live up to our expectations. We’re not angry at those movies and games, just disappointed. 

We also discuss Valve’s Steam Box, or what little is known about it thus far, as well as what we hope it does for the gaming industry as a whole. Then from there, we have our usual discussion on the latest news in video games and movies. So come reminisce with us about the past year, and help us look forward to what the next years will bring. We do hope you enjoy yourselves. 

The Lost Level: Episode Fifty-Two

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Okay, I know we’re a little late in communicating that sentiment, but the holidays are a busy time for us. There’s all the gift buying, and bad gift returning, and visiting the family in the hopes that this year won’t somehow involve the police but of course it will. It always does…

With our first episode of 2013, Adam and Chris talk about Django Unchained. We also discuss the patent that Sony applied for that would essentially link  games disks to a limited number of consoles. Take that used game sellers! Then we wrap it all up with video game and movie news for the week. Oh, and Chris tries to justify his purchase of a Kinect again. That silly Chris.  Let’s see what antics he gets in this year!

Lost Control: Episode Two

It’s that time of the year again, and in this episode the guys break down their frustrations with the crazy gaming price drops! How can someone be upset about deals? You’ll have to listen to find out! Black Friday can be a haven for amazing deals, but what kind of message does it send to loyal consumers when they buy a game day one, only to see it for less than half price just a few weeks later? Aaron and Chris get into this topic, as well as talk about their interesting experiences on Black Friday! Listen now!

If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss please let us know, we’d love to go off on listener submitted rants!

For loyal Lost Levelers we are recording The Lost Level: Episode 50 this weekend, so look for that next week! It will be a very full episode with so much coming out since the last episode! Also, maybe a certain Christina will finally be back from her hiatus, we shall see!


The Lost Control Podcast: Episode One


It took us a while, but we finally got that impossible plastic wrapping off our brand new podcast! And with only minimum bloodshed, go us!

In the first episode of Lost Control the guys dive right in and hide no shame as Aaron and Chris admit to their sad obsession with collecting Skylanders. Chris often denies it, but he felt it was time to come clean about his repeated trips to the store to find those damn things. Aaron shares a great story about his will power, and the thought process he has before he makes a purchase.

The other topic they discuss is one that has made a lot of waves here at Lost Level. The Microsoft rewards program. We did discuss this on a recent episode of The Lost Level, but the guys get into the numbers here, and those numbers with shock you!

If you’re interested, click on more to learn about the origin of the new podcast.

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Disney Buys Lucasfilm. New Trilogy Planned.

So Disney, the super-mega-giant company that it is, has decided to become even more super, mega, and giant. After already owning Pixar and Marvel, they have decided to add yet another company under their belt with their acquisition of Lucasfilm. Yes. That Lucasfilm. You know, the one with Star WarsIndian Jones Labyrinth, Willow, and Howard The Duck. It also cost them $4.05 billion in cash and stocks.

The news doesn’t stop there. Disney is talking about a brand news Star Wars trilogy, of which the first movie they want released in 2015. So, we’ll have a trilogy of trilogies. It will be interesting to see where Disney goes with the series. Can they redeem the franchise for the fans that have felt scorned by the prequels? And can we finally get a Howard the Duck sequel.

Review: Silent Hill Book of Memories PS Vita


Silent Hill Book of Memories is a reinvention of a series that most gamers have come to know and appreciate. Instead of the classic game play, Book of Memories is given a Diablo type feel in this new dungeon crawling version of Silent Hill. WayForward Technologies has also incorporated a multi-player aspect to this dying franchise in hopes of bringing the series back to life and maybe adding new fans along the way.

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The Lost Level: Episode Forty Six

The boys are back! Hang out with the dapper gentlemen of Lost Level as they discuss such classy topics as movies and video games. This week, Chris, Adam, and Alex all talk about their experience with Borderlands 2, and the addiction that it has placed upon them. Thankfully, Chris and Adam were both strong-willed enough to tear themselves away from their respective gaming consoles long enough to see Looper so that they could give you their impressions of this latest sci-fi time traveling movie. Finally, we go into the week’s news for video games and movies. Now, let’s get his show on the road.