The Lost Level: Episode Eight-Two

episode 82

It’s that time of the year again. It’s E3! How did this year shape up for everyone?  Get our perspectives on all the conferences: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, and Ubisoft. We also get a chance to talk about some of the playable stuff that came out of the conference. Specifically, we talk discuss the playable Destiny alpha and the palyable Battlefield: Hardline beta. How do they fair? You’ll have to listen to find out!

The Lost Level: Episode Eight-One

episode 81

It’s that episode we have all been dreading. Episode Eighty-One. The Episode in which Adam has a nerdgasm all over X-Men: Days of Future Past. We all knew this day would come, but we thought we had more time. More time to spend with our loved ones. More time to scratch things off your bucket list. Just more time…

Oh, we  also discuss the latest news in video games and movies. Enjoy!


The Lost Level: Episode Eighty

episode 80

Welcome Lost Levelers. My, have we got an episode for you.First off, the crew talks about their impressions of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and then Chris and Alex discuss the new Godzilla movie, and they do NOT see eye to eye on it. Things get heat. Adam had to mediate. Blood may have been drawn. Thankfully, things simmer down enough for everyone to have rational talk about the latest news in video games and movies, and no charges were pressed.


The Lost Level Roundtable: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and InFamous: Second Son


Yo. It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these, but we have got a new Round Table for you. For those of you who aren’t in the know: our Round Tables are SPOILER FILLED reviews of movies and games. Let this serve as one of the many warnings we will give you regarding that manner. Anyways, this episode is a two-fer. We will be discussing both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and InFamous: Second Son. Word? Word.



The Lost Level: Episode Seventy-Six

episode 76

Welcome back to The Lost Level with episode seventy-six. In this episode Chris and Alex gush over the beta of “Titanfall” and try to make Adam feel bad for not playing it. So Adam tries to retaliate as he gives his impressions of the latest “The Last of Us” DLC, but Chris and Alex deliver a finishing blow as they tell Adam how delighted they were with “The Lego Movie.” From there the whole crew discusses the latest news in video games and movies.  So come. Join us.


The Lost Level: Episode Seventy-Five

episode 75

Welcome again, our fantastic friends. We’ve got another episode of The Lost Level here for you to enjoy. Laugh as Adam talks about screaming like a girl while playing “Outlast.” Feel Chris’s bewilderment as he questions “Sonic Boom.” Feel Alex’s pain as remembers his Balls of Steel Edition of “Duke Nukem: Forever.” With all that, we also have the latest news in video games and movies.


The Lost Level: Episode Seventy-Three

episode 73

It is that time of the year again. No, not the time where Alex starts to reevaluate his life decisions and thinks about joining the Peace Corps. That happens in late April. It is time for the crew of Lost Level to reveal their favorite games and movies of the year. So join Chris, Adam, and Alex as they count down their top 5 video games and top 3 movies of 2013. They’ll also toss in some of their biggest disappointments as well, just for good measure.  So enjoy it, because you are going to have to wait a whole nother year to get an episode like this again.

The Lost Level: Episode Sixty-Nine

episode 69

Hey there Lost Levelers! We got a doozy of an episode for you this week. Chris and Alex weigh in on Gravity, (see what I did   there?) and we got a bunch of video game and movie news. There’s reminiscing over Killer Instinct, Adam and Alex gush over their crazy experiences with the Battlefield 4 beta, and the whole crew geeks out over how much they’ve been enjoying Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and act as if it were our own little dirty secret, but don’t worry. We have plenty more dirty little secrets. Just ask Adam about his trip to Taiwan. I feel like I’ve said too much already. Enjoy!


The Lost Level: Episode Sixty-Seven

episode 67

Oh… Hey… It’s that time again. You know: that part where we do our podcast, because we have nothing else to do with our pathetic, miserable lives then to tell you what we think should be going on in the video game industry and Hollywood. The rest of the internet does it, so why shouldn’t we? It’s not like anyone is actually listening to us anyways. *deep sigh*

This week we give a SPOILER filled discussion of Kick-Ass 2. That title sounds like what happened to me every lunch period in high school… and during my current job’s lunch break. We also talk about the latest news in video games and movies. There’s cyber bullying (something I know about all to well) in the video game industry by stupid, jock-head fans. The Kinect is no longer required to be connected to the Xbox One, probably because even my video game console doesn’t want to look at me. Bruce Willis is tired of action movies, just like my parents are tired of me living with them. Listen now, or don’t. Whatever. You’ll probably make fun of me regardless.

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