Bethesda and Interplay Lawsuit Settled

A couple days ago, reports were coming out that Bethesda and Interplay settled on the lawsuit in regards to a Fallout MMO. For those of you who don’t know, Interplay, the original creators on the Fallout series, sold the IP to Bethesda and used that money reopen after being shut down. Bethesda let Interplay retained the rights to create a Fallout MMO provided they meet certain parameters. Bethesda then sued Interplay, claiming that those parameters have not been met. The first two injunctions that Bethesda filed were denied and the two companies went to court mid-December. Listen, it’s all very legal and very confusing, and there’s no real easy way to explain it. Let’s just say the fate of a Fallout MMO is up in the air at this point.

The specifics of the settlement are still unknown to the public, but they are expected to be revealed by the end of this month. Hopefully, the fate of the Fallout MMO will also be revealed. I, for one, am nervous about what will become of the game… and will probably be unhappy with any outcome. Let me explain. Read More

RUMOR: Final Fantasy XV will be announced at E3 2012

Says the latest GamesMaster UK magazine, that is. According to the mag and based on TheSilentChief‘s report:

“…Square Enix has something special planned for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy next year.

According to a rumor found in latest issue of the magazine; Final Fantasy XV will be announced during a special Square Enix E3 2012 press conference. The next installment to the long running franchise is also rumored to be coming to Wii U and PC along with the PS3 and 360.”

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REVIEWCAST: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

With the Holidays upon us the Lost Level uncovers one last dungeon to navigate. Join us as we come out the other side with a Tri-Force in hand. Find out what G and Alex think about the latest Zelda game.

Will a princess be captured? Is this a prequel? An origin story? Listen to the guys discuss the story, the gameplay, the controls, and pretty much everything you can think of!

Reviewcasts are spoiler free until the end of the cast, so unlike our Round Tables you can listen and not have to worry about being spoiled. Don’t fret fans of our Round Tables, there is a spoiler section after we finish the initial review.

Happy Holidays from the crew at Lost Level.


A must-watch for fans: Kingdom Hearts 3D Jump Festa 2011 Trailer

Fans (or suckers such as moi) who have been following the Kingdom Hearts series since its incarnation should seriously check out this colossal, 8 minute trailer featuring a lot of familiar faces, as well as some gameplay samplings here and there. Those familiar faces, by the way, are mostly the hip kids from The World Ends With You; probably the only Tetsuya Nomura-related game that’s currently out there (in North America at least) which deserves every attention, unlike the rest of his crap. By crap, I meant some (if not most) of his games that are just disappointing for being too Tetsuya Nomura-ish, and not for their game playing faults or purposes.

In fact: I feel a lil bit shitty for not completing the game due to various reasons that I can’t really explain as of this point. Anyway, here’s the meaty Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Doopie trailer:

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Battlefield 2143 Teased? Yes, Please!

Recently, the “Back to Karkand” DLC pack for Battlefield 3 was released, and a few incredibly observant players have noticed a detail in the above image: the number 2143. Okay, so what’s the big deal about the number 2143? Many are speculating (and I’m praying) that this is DICE giving us a little Easter Egg teaser that Battlefield 2143 is on it’s way.

For those of you who don’t know, Battlefield 2142 was a futuristic spin on the Battlefield series which featured weapons and vehicles that fit the theme, including giant mechs that you could pilot. So hopefully this image of the number 2143 indicates that a sequel is being planned, but I’ll also settle for a treatment similar to that of Battlefield 1943.

Do you think that thought process is a little far fetched? Well the Battlefield 3 Blog takes note that the Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion had a similar Easter Egg that hinted to Battlefield: 2142 long before it was officially announced. It seems very unlikely at this point that this is just a coincidence. Seriously, Battlefield 2143 needs to be made. DICE, make it happen.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iOS

There’s no denying the appeal of Batman. He’s a dark and brooding superhero that protects the people of Gotham time and time again, who also happens to be a billionaire playboy when he’s not saving the world. So it’s no wonder that we can’t stop seeing him everywhere. Where is the next place he’s going to show his cowled head? On our phones.

NetherRealm Studios, the guys that worked on the latest Mortal Kombat, is releasing Batman: Arkham City Lockdown for the iPhone and iPad. The game features a series of one-on-one battles with popular Batman villains, such as The Joker, Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Deathstroke, and more, and every boss fight boasts unique gameplay. You even get to upgrade the Bat’s abilities and select different costume skins for him. The game is already out in New Zealand, and the US will probably see it tonight or tomorrow. We haven’t got a price yet, but it is $8.25 in New Zealand which is about $6.45 in the US. So, let’s go with $7.

REVIEWCAST: Saints Row: The Third

There is something special about listening to Bonnie Taylor’s “Holding Out For A Hero” while driving the hardened streets of Stilwater. To capture the spirit of Saints Row: The Third for the podcast Chris made Alex drive around with him listening to that song at full volume, and on repeat… for hours.

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BREAKING: Xenoblade Chronicles finally announced for North America

Well whaddya know: Xenoblade Chronicles, quite possibly my numero-uno game of the year, is finally coming to US on April 2012! Apparently it’s only available (as of this time) for pre-order at GameStop and/or Nintendo’s online store. To those who have joined Project Rainfall’s campaign and their crazy Amazon pre-orders, you should try reserving from either of those retailers instead.

If you really are looking for a game to get you back loving Japanese RPGs again — assuming you’re like me who grew up playing Final Fantasies II (IV) and III (VI) on the SNES and was pretty iffy with XIII — look no further! This is that game you are looking for! To set you guys up for the hype, here’s the US trailer:

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Uncharted 3 Update Tweaks Aiming

If you listened to our Round Table discussion of Uncharted 3 (which you should) then you know we talked briefly about how the aiming in the game felt… off. We haven’t been the only ones to voice this complaint. In fact, many of the hardcore fans of the series have felt the same way, and Naughty Dog is doing something about it.

The developers took a few of fans to their studio to help them with tweaking the aiming mechanics in the game so that it felt more comfortable. The result ended up being an upcoming update that will have an optional setting that adjust the “feel” of the game’s aiming, along with a few other fixes. They haven’t said when the update will be released, but let’s hope they aim to release it soon. Hehehe. Did you see what I did there? I said “aim” because we were talk- okay, I’ll stop now.