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Looper is going to be an amazing sci-fi film

Trailers embedded after the break should give you an idea why. Sure, it’s kind of — and I do mean kind of — like Terminator with an ensemble cast which includes JGL, Bruce Willis, Paul Dano and Emily Blunt. But the reason why I’m saying it’ll be one of 2012’s greatest is because of the director.

Rian Johnson — aside from trolling David Chen’s podcast last year (Google “Super 8 Slashfilm cast” if you could, and it’ll be worth your time I promise) — is a very cool guy and a talented filmmaker. Brick, despite being a wee bit sluggish at times, was a very interesting take on the noir genre, and The Brothers Bloom was… well, I honestly haven’t seen it yet so I really can’t comment on that. But hey, you know, I’ve heard many praises as well so take that as it is.

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Team Fortress 2’s “Meet the Pyro” is out

All together now: “Valve has done it, again!”. These M rated Pixar-like shorts they’re making, honestly, are a bunch of teasers in my opinion. Why can’t they just make a short 30 minute film similar to Cat Shit One? Because that would be fantastic, if not utterly brilliant.

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Okami HD for the PlayStation 3 was just announced

According to this week’s Famitsu, the game’s scheduled to be released in Japan this coming November.

Still no word on its North American and European counterparts, but you bet that’s it probably coming out around the same timeframe knowing Capcom’s release schedule with their past HD ports.

Xbox 360 owner? They’ll most likely port it there too internationally as evidenced by their Devil May Cry HD collection. Forget what I said there *points to the UPDATE after the break*.

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Anarchy Reigns… is now, officially, a 2013 title

Remember Anarchy Reigns (or Max Anarchy, if you will)? The Platinum Games-developed action brawler that was supposed to come out next month, and prove to the universe (yet again) that PG is a powerhouse Japanese studio that we should all be lucky to have as citizens of the gaming community?

Well, it’s now officially been moved to Q1 2013 thanks to this Twitter post conjured by the good folks at SEGA.

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Square Enix is showing off something new at E3 called “Luminous Studio”


Actually, they presented it via one of those “closed door” meetings that only VIPs have access to. Or something along those lines because everyone can be a sneaky ninja these days. But that’s besides the point.

Point is this: Square Enix has a new real time tech demo thingy called Luminous Studio, which looks very pretty (hardly a surprise), and we have some screens (*UPDATE 2* and a video) to prove it after the break.

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Sony finally unveils PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Remember a few weeks ago when everybody was curious about project “Title Fight”? You know–  Sony’s supposed answer to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise?

Well, it’s real and it’s called — OK, the title of this entry just gave it away, don’t you think? Typically expected, if I may add:

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Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena confirmed for North America

We knew this was coming anyway the minute it was announced last year (oh please, Atlus USA loves its fans in case you haven’t noticed yet). Not to mention the teaser image they released last week which was very P4 Ultimate Mayo-related.

Oh and yes, they’re simply calling it Persona 4 Arena, which makes sense. I do would’ve preferred though if they kept, at least, the Mayonaka name because it just sounds “right” unlike by simply calling it “Arena” that somehow feels generic, sort of.

Anyhoo, here’s the ad (story mode, woot!) and it’s coming out in Summer 2012. Nice!

REVIEW: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

It’s kind of a better flick than its 5-year old forgettable predecessor (hey, seriously, does anyone have fond memories of the first?). That’s mainly because it has better action set pieces and/or visuals, plus Ghost Rider himself — or Nick Cage, if you will — seems like a fun character to watch this time. Mind you that I have near-zero knowledge or whatsoever of the comics and such, so I’m not really sure if that’s an accurate depiction of the character.

Oh, and you can clearly tell Cage is having a blast playing, umm, himself… to some degree.

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RUMOR: Final Fantasy XV will be announced at E3 2012

Says the latest GamesMaster UK magazine, that is. According to the mag and based on TheSilentChief‘s report:

“…Square Enix has something special planned for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy next year.

According to a rumor found in latest issue of the magazine; Final Fantasy XV will be announced during a special Square Enix E3 2012 press conference. The next installment to the long running franchise is also rumored to be coming to Wii U and PC along with the PS3 and 360.”

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