The Lost Level: Episode Forty-Nine

Welcome to a very movie-heavy episode of The Lost Level. There wan’t much to talk about this week in terms of video games, but to make up for that the crew gets to tell you what they thought of Wreck-It Ralph. So, hopefully that will give you enough of a video game buzz for this week. Then we jump right into movie news. Again: not much to talk about in terms of video games. What gives? Anyways, the team weighs in on the whole Disney/Lucasfilm thing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then we appreciate you finding time to crawl out from under your rock to listen to our podcast.  We hope you enjoy it!The Green Goblin Screen Test. AKA: How it should have looked in the Spider-Man movie.


Please note after the podcast we came up with a great director choice for the next Star Wars. Jon Favreau! He’d be Chris’s number one choice.