The Lost Control Podcast: Episode One


It took us a while, but we finally got that impossible plastic wrapping off our brand new podcast! And with only minimum bloodshed, go us!

In the first episode of Lost Control the guys dive right in and hide no shame as Aaron and Chris admit to their sad obsession with collecting Skylanders. Chris often denies it, but he felt it was time to come clean about his repeated trips to the store to find those damn things. Aaron shares a great story about his will power, and the thought process he has before he makes a purchase.

The other topic they discuss is one that has made a lot of waves here at Lost Level. The Microsoft rewards program. We did discuss this on a recent episode of The Lost Level, but the guys get into the numbers here, and those numbers with shock you!

If you’re interested, click on more to learn about the origin of the new podcast.

Now I am back in first person, Lost Control began as a segment on our The Lost Level podcast. I quickly realized that it had potential to become so much more. So I contacted one of the gentlemen I worked with at Four Player Co-Op, and Aaron Leach has joined the rank and file of the Lost Level. With his acceptance we are one step closer to complete global domination in the gaming industry! OK, not really, if we really wanted more page hits I’d probably just post girls cosplaying and the hits wouldn’t stop! Hey, that gives me an idea…

…And now we are back to the origin story of Lost Control. Anyone who knows me realizes I complain a lot. The running joke on our website is that I hate pretty much everything. That’s not entirely true. One thing I do love is complaining to Aaron about random things I see in the industries, and he often offers such outstanding insight into why I am wrong. It’s some great conversation, and I wanted the whole world to hear… One episode at a time.

I for one am happy to work with Aaron again, and I look forward to all our future rants on the Lost Control podcast! I hope you will too.

*Audio quality is still being worked out. We used Skype for this cast. I’m looking into better recording options. 

Here is the new symbol of the cast. You’ll be seeing a lot of it! Let the ranting begin!