Disney Buys Lucasfilm. New Trilogy Planned.

So Disney, the super-mega-giant company that it is, has decided to become even more super, mega, and giant. After already owning Pixar and Marvel, they have decided to add yet another company under their belt with their acquisition of Lucasfilm. Yes. That Lucasfilm. You know, the one with Star WarsIndian Jones Labyrinth, Willow, and Howard The Duck. It also cost them $4.05 billion in cash and stocks.

The news doesn’t stop there. Disney is talking about a brand news Star Wars trilogy, of which the first movie they want released in 2015. So, we’ll have a trilogy of trilogies. It will be interesting to see where Disney goes with the series. Can they redeem the franchise for the fans that have felt scorned by the prequels? And can we finally get a Howard the Duck sequel.