Sound Shapes

I have an addiction to anything that rolls around like a little blob in a video game. The minute I saw Sound Shapes and its little one eyed blob I had to buy it. It reminds me of Japan Studio’s ‘Loco Roco’ and Juicebox’s ‘Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!!’. To say the least I haven’t put my controller or Ps Vita down since last week.

Sound Shapes campaign is disappointingly short. However, once you beat the campaign mode you unlock death and beat school mode. What is death mode you ask, well it’s the same levels only you have to play with one life, it’s timed, and you have to collect a certain amount of notes in that time limit. Yes, you heard me correctly, one life in each level!  Why would someone make such a difficult task you may be asking yourself. Well, probably because after you play the campaign all relaxed and zen like that they wanted to make you frustrated enough to either break your PS3 controller or possibly throw your PS Vita out of a window during a road trip inevitably buying a new one. Whoever invented the term “Slow and steady wins the race,” clearly needed to experience death mode on Sound Shapes because their phrase is pointless in times like these. I am sure not everyone will feel like death mode is an impossible challenge and to those people, I commend you!

Another mode you unlock upon completing the campaign is beat school which is a little bit easier than death mode. All you do is listen to the beats and figure out how to recreate what you heard on screen and then touch the screen to place a note on it. It’s more of a school to show you how to create your own bumpin’ beats later on in the editor. I probably enjoyed the beat school mode more than anything since I love music and play an instrument myself. I wish they had more content on it but I am sure they will add on to beat school and other modes later through DLC.

The editor, where you create levels, reminded me a little bit like Little Big Planet. You can put different objects in so your blob can cling on for dear life, red evil minions, or corporate looking men with laser beams shooting out of a gun. I made a cool little level on my Vita since I found it easier to use with the touch pad. I enjoyed making tons of trees and placing hundreds of evil minions on the bottom of the level. I like impossible levels for no apparent reason.

On the up side of Sound Shapes it has a fantastic soundtrack! It has five albums you can play which includes DeadMau5, Beck, Shaw-Han Liem, Jonathan Mak, and Jim Guthrie. Each album represents a different kind of level style to go with the different music style. Another interesting thing in Sound Shapes is that you can cloud sync your data so you can pick it up on either PS3 of Ps Vita and have everything you just accomplished including trophies. That’s right, trophies double sync so you don’t need to try to earn them multiple times. All in all I definitely recommend this game for any Vita or PS3 gamer. It’s fun, addictive, and entertaining!


RATING: 9 out of 10


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