Review: Jak and Daxter HD Collection PS3

Back in 2001 I would spend countless hours playing my PlayStation 2. I would play classics like Crash Bandicoot, GTA III, ICO, Disgaea, and Jack and Daxter, just to name a few. Jak and Daxter was one of my favorite plat formers to play back in the good old PlayStation days. To show my enthusiasm, I pre-ordered the HD Collection just to relive that part of my youth. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was my favorite in the entire series. I loved to collect things and I don’t think many people can argue against this.  In The Precursor Legacy it was one of the first games I found myself collecting everything! This game on the HD collection didn’t disappoint and I enjoyed it as much as I did when it first came out. The controls and camera angles really could have been altered a little better on the PlayStation 3. Other than that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on the HD Collection will please new and old fans.

Now that the first game, and in my opinion the best game of that series, is out of the way lets talk about the other two. Jak II was a little bit of a disappointment as far as sequels go then and now. The Orbs were very well hidden and sometimes you had no time for errors or you would never see those precursor orbs again. If you like your trophies you better be wary about the last level because if you miss those orbs apparently you have to start a whole new game save. I think what really made me favor the first game over this one was the driving of the hover vehicle. The controls for it were very unfavorable but it was part of completing a few parts of the game so you had to get used to it or just move on to other games. Again, they should have really tried to change the camera angles and controls to be a little more friendly with the PS3 controller but I guess it just wasn’t of importance.

Jak 3 revived the series but not by much. I enjoyed the story a little bit more but I still could have done without the vehicle racing. I guess I just have a thing about the vehicles in this series. They were never really incorporated to well into the game but hey that’s just my opinion. This game fixes a lot of the problems that most people may have faced in two. This game still portrays the darker version of Jak but through out the game you are actually the light Jak which is, in my opinion, the better version. You can’t go wrong with Daxters side commentary. All in all the third version was closer to the first but still a mirror of the second game.

Even though this is just three old PlayStation 2 games that were ported to PS3 I still wanted to review them. You can’t go wrong with HD Collections and I have purchased my fair share. I recommend this game to anyone that overlooked this series years ago or even maybe played it already and enjoyed it. If you did enjoy the Jak & Daxter HD Collection I also recommend the upcoming Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy which will be released later this month.


RATING: 7.5 out of 10


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