Review: Unit 13 PsVita


Unit 13 is the first third-person shooter to come out on the PS Vita. Currently, there is a small library for the PS Vita so almost everyone by now has considered buying Unit 13 or owns it already. The difficulty level is pretty much set to hard in my opinion.

This game reminds me of Rainbowsix and Splintercell. The only difference with Unit 13 and every other shooter out on the market is that there is no story. I can’t stress enough to anyone about to purchase this game that all you will be doing is playing individual missions. Each mission has a different objective. There are thirty-six missions, four different mission modes, six different operatives with their own unique abilities, and ten levels you can level all six operatives up to. There is plenty to do in Unit 13 regardless of the lack of story. This is also the last game that was created by Zipper Interactive, creators of Socom, before they closed. Even though Zipper closed Unit 13 still gets daily challenges.

This game is very unforgiving at times. I am not sure how many times I have died at this point or restarted a level but my count is probably near sixty or more. When you are noticed in Unit 13 it kind of resembles Metal Gear Solid when exclamations pop up above everyone’s heads. It makes for a good laugh when you’re also frustrated with yourself for not being a little more precautious.

Unit 13 is the first PS Vita game to also offer any kind of co-op online play. I tried it out with one of my friends and I am still up in the air about my feelings of the online play. I think the online could have had the potential to be better. It is decent but would have been really neat to have added multi-player death match or something similar. Some minor hiccups we ran into was the chat feature. My friend would talk and his speech would break up or just cut out completely. Also, we had a lot of connection issues and he was dropped from the mission leaving me to be attacked by twenty enemies at once.

All in all I recommend Unit 13 to anyone that owns a PS Vita and is looking for a good shooter. The graphics, controls, and game play are pretty good for a semi-launch title. Even though I think the game is hard I eventually started to get good at Unit 13 and was five staring levels with no problem. It takes some getting used to but this game is pretty awesome for a last hurrah for Zipper Interactive.

RATING: 8 out of 10


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