Nintendo Wins Patent Lawsuit

Back in 2008, Copper Innovations filed a lawsuit against Nintendo claiming that the Wiimote an Wii infringed on Coppers patent for a “hand held computer input apparatus and method” that was made in 1996. Today, the summary judgement was granted in Nintendo’s favor by the Pittsburgh U.S. District Court, making a trial by jury unnecessary. Considering  the video game company has been bleeding money as of late, this is a really good thing for them. We’re not sure how many more financial blows they can take.

Richard Medway, Nintendo of America’s deputy general counsel, had this to say: “We are very pleased with the court’s decision. Nintendo has a long history of developing innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others. We also vigorously defend patent lawsuits when we firmly believe that we have not infringed another party’s patent, despite the risks that this policy entails. I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts of our legal team.” Hopefully this is a sign that more good things are going to happen for Nintendo.