The Lost Level: Episode 40.3

We are back! The Lost Level: Episode 40.3 is slinging its web all over The Amazing Spider-Man. In our first ever Versus segement it’s Christina and Alex versus Adam and Chris in a battle over who was right about the movie! We try to dissect Christina’s review and see what she adored so much! We don’t stop there because Alex also played the game too! He gives his review and discusses the Stan Lee pre-order bonus we all want to know about! Rounding out the cast we cover the news in games and movies.

Thank you for your patience! As you can see I am trying to set the record for exclamation points in one post! So stop reading this and listen now!

As a special treat to our fans we recorded a Round Table for The Dark Knight Rises! It will be out later this week. Stay tuned! EXCLAMATION POINT!

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