Our Thoughts and Prayers…

The Lost Level family sends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims in Aurora Colorado. These horrific actions were a disgusting blemish on what should have been a night of celebration and absolute fandom. For the fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark knight series last night was the icing on the cake, a final encore to a trilogy so dear to our hearts. To hear that someone took this opportunity to invoke pain and suffering on others is truly appalling.  Since the event I have watched my news feed(s) swell with the typical reactions to these types of tragedies, media outlets all looking to try to put their own personal spin on the coverage. Unfortunately, just like clockwork you see the typical trolls in the media take this type of event and impose their own personal reasoning, and ideas on why this type of thing happens. Sure enough, it wasn’t very long until I heard the “violence in our movies and video games” excuses transpire. In the next several weeks we will see everyone interviewed from witnesses that were there, to the man living on the corner 20 blocks away. People will come forward for their 15 seconds of fame and say they knew the gunman etc… By doing this we give the people that do these actions exactly what they what. Attention.

Please acknowledge the tragedy for what it was, and realize just how horrific it is, but don’t encourage people to exploit these types of actions for their own personal agenda.

Our thoughts are with those families right now.


*Please note that this post is strictly the opinion of one of the members of Lost Level, and not the opinions of the Lost Level, its partners, bloggers, or anyone loosely associated to Lost Level.