Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Game

Hollywood decided to reboot Spider-Man, so naturally a video game tie-in was needed to squeeze every penny from the franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man is the first Spider-Man game I’ve thoroughly played since the N64 one. I played a bit of Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 2, and I enjoyed swing around New York City enough to be relatively interested in playing this.

How was swinging around in this game? It felt… unsatisfying. In Spider-Man 2 swinging felt real. There was weight to it. You’d swing naturally as webbing stuck to actual objects. In The Amazing Spider-Man, however, it felt as though you would just float through the sky, and webbing would seemingly stick to thin air at times. Consequently, this created a detachment from the environment and made the city seem much smaller. They added the “web-rush” mechanic, where time slows down and you choose highlighted areas that you can zip to. It’s neat, but nothing to write home about.

Combat is decent. It feels similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum, except not quite as fluid. However, if you can reach your stride, taking down a large group of enemies can be satisfying. They try to put in some stealth portions similar to Batman, but they aren’t as well refined.

The story unfolds through a series of missions that all basically take place indoors, which isn’t the best environment for a hero like Spider-Man. It’s also in these parts were you start to notice the issues with the camera. Crawling across a ceiling while trying to be stealthy can become disorienting, because the camera is often too close to properly assess the situation.

Outside of the story missions, your given just a bunch of random petty things to do that take up too much time. Stop muggings. Chase cars. Carry people to the hospital or police station. Take pictures. However, the game does pander well to my ADD by- Hold on, let go collect that comic book page really fast. I’ll be right back…

Okay. What was I saying? Whatever.

Visually, New York City looks beautiful. They have some really nice lighting effects going on and different times of day that that really making traversing the city (despite mechanical simplicity) a fun experience,  especially when all Hell is breaking loose. The character models aren’t anything special, and neither is the animation. Overall, my experience with the game was very “meh.”

RATING: 5 Out Of 10

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