Neversoft Working on Call of Duty Game

Neversoft’s two biggest claims to fame have been the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and a handful of Guitar Hero games, both of which have lost considerable amounts of steam in the industry. So, to make them relevant again, Activision is handing off their biggest franchise to the studio and is letting Neversoft take a swing at the Call of Duty series. This… could be interesting.

There were reports of the company hiring talent for a “new action shooter” back in 2010, so this news doesn’t come as that big of a surprise. It’s interesting none-the-less and raises a few questions. How big of a role are they playing in the development of the games? Is it as important as Infinity Ward or Treyarch, or is it a smaller role like Raven Software or Sledgehammer Games? Will this allow the studios to spend three years working on a new title instead of just two years? Is one of the studios backing away from the series? Whatever the case may be, you can bet that a yearly Call of Duty game will be something we see for quite a few more years.