Thatgamecompany Declares Independence

The indie team behind Flow, Flower, and Journey have been very successful with their endeavors. So much so that thatgamecompany (no, seriously, that’s their name) has announced that they are going to become truly independent and will self-publish their next game. They had a three game contract with Sony Computer Entertainment, which they are now free from, and have $5.5 million worth of financing from a deal with Benchmark Capital to help them along the way. Not too shabby.

This good news means that their next titles can be released on multiple platforms. However, the three aforementioned games are owned by Sony, so don’t expect to see them released somewhere else any time soon. This pleasant development was proceeded shortly by thatgamecompany reaching their sixth anniversary of being in business and celebrated by bringing on two new team members to the studio after having a couple other employees part ways. All in all, things look good for the indie studio, and it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.