The Lost Level Round Table: Max Payne 3

‘I walked into the room and the guys were already sitting in their usual places. The air was thick with cigar smoke, and the smell of cheap bourbon still lingered in my nose as if I hadn’t finished that bottle hours ago. I gave a silent nod to each of them as I sat down in front of my microphone. We didn’t prep for this cast, well, unless you count that empty bottle as prep. I learned in and clicked the record button.’

The Max Payne 3 Round Table is finally here! As always with our Round Table discussions there are very SPOILER HEAVY and we recommend that you take the time to play the game first, then come back and listen to the podcast. Once you do that let us know what you thought of the game! We’d love for you to share your thoughts!

If you enjoy our Round Tables let us know! Drop us a line, and as always spread the word about us. More importantly I can not express how important it is for a website to get stars on iTunes. We will be forever in your debt.

Coming out next week is out E3 cast-o-gaza, or e3ssentric cast maybe? I dunno what a good name for that would be. Let’s just say it’s our awards cast. We will break down E3 and give our awards to the winners and losers of E3 2012. So stayed turned for that. Coming next Tuesday!

We hope you enjoy the cast!

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