Coming Soon to 3DS: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


To most people this game sounds like one big joke. When I first heard the title ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’ I honestly did not have any clue as to what the game was about. I eventually figured out it had to do with music but I wondered what it had to do with Final Fantasy.

To make things short and simple for you it’s like the DS game Elite Beat Agents which is a rhythm/beat game that you tap your DS screen with your stylus when the notes come at you. If you do the sequence of beats right you get a cut scene and progress further into the game. The only difference is that this one incorporates every single Final Fantasy song from all of their games. That alone sold me on this game. The only other thing that kind of swayed me into pre-ordering this game is the adorable little stylus it comes with if you do in fact pre-order it. Since it’s release in Japan there is talk about a possible Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm. That would be pretty neat. There are not enough beat games out there and I think that the Nintendo 3DS actually does them best.

If you still aren’t sure what this game is about you can watch the trailer: