REVIEW: Snow White and the Huntsman

I believe Shakespeare said it best when he said Snow White and the Huntsman is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Walking into this movie I was actually fairly excited to see it. The trailers looked great; however my only reservation was Kristen Stewart. She isn’t the fairest one of them all, and her vapid facial expressions are absolute scene killers. There are moments where she is supposed to convey innocence, and strength. The only emotion on her face was confusion and I was sitting there thinking the same thing she was, ‘Why was she cast in this movie’? Her moment to rally the troops against the queen was so poorly executed that I was beside myself in disbelief at just how bad it was.

As mentioned before, her miscasting is too large to ignore. The studio clearly anticipated that her fans from the Twilight series would come out in droves. They are the type of fan base that will see this miserable bore repeatedly. They will try to convince themselves that this is a good movie, much like Star Wars fans tried to justify that the Phantom Menace was good after their first viewing. However, not all the casting was bad in this movie. The casting of the dwarves was solid – unfortunately, no one cares because the writer completely miswrote their involvement in the story. They should have been in the forefront of the movie, almost carrying the story, however you aren’t introduced to them until late in the plot, and by that time you are already bored to tears. Charlize Theron as the queen is exactly as you picture her from the trailers. She is absolutely delightful – she is limited by uninspired writing, but she overcomes the script for the most part with her physical performance.

Snow White and the Huntsman starts slow, and never picks up the pace. I had to check my watch at the end because it felt like I had been sitting there for five hours. That’s never a good sign for a movie. It rarely gets interesting. However, there are some solid visuals and some creatures that are inspired by, or stolen from, Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately, despite the great premise, Snow White & the Huntsman fails in almost every way, the only thing it succeeds at is showcasing Kristen Stewart’s lack of presence on screen. This movie is a disappointment.

RATING: 2 out of 4


This is her face the entire movie…


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