Review: Turtle Beach M5 mobile gaming headset

What do you think when you think turtle beach? Overpriced, problematic or too many models to choose from? I have thought all of the above at some point. I would love to purchase the XP500 but currently I cannot fit that into my budget. Their HDMI adapter does not come with the already expensive models so you have to purchase that separately. Which model do I really need? All these questions always plague my mind when I need a new headset and contemplate buying Turtle Beach. Recently I purchased a headset I didn’t need to think too hard about or too long. The Turtle Beach M5 mobile gaming headset.

As you have probably noticed through my gaming reviews, I am a very big handheld on-the-go gamer. With that said the Turtle Beach M5’s are amazing! I know they have two other on-the-go models but this one seems to be the favorite of the three recently released models. I played Lumines for two hours and lost track of time because I really got into the music as well as game play with this headset. I also tried it out on my phone to see how it sounds for a phone call. It was good quality and the person on the other end had no idea I was even using a headset until I said something. Basically, if you’re looking for a headset for your tablet, iPod, phone, Ps Vita, or anything else you use on-the-go I definitely recommend the Turtle Beach M5’s.