The Elders Scrolls Online Early Details Emerge

The setting of the Elder Scrolls games, Tamriel, seems like it would be the perfect place for and MMO, and apparently Bethesda though the same thing back in 2007. Since then, a team of 250 people have been hard at work on The Elders Scrolls Online for the PC and Mac. What we know about the game so far is that it will take place 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim. Most of Tamriel will be available for exploration from the beginning, but some sections will be locked for the purpose of introducing expansions.

The Elders Scrolls Online will feature full voice acting throughout the game and is played from a 3rd-person perspective. Furthermore, the gameplay will keep a balance between traditional MMO games and what we’ve come to expect from The Elders Scrolls series. So, not only will you be getting a hotbar to use your skills, but you’ll also be able to to enter massive player-vs-player combats. Some battles will even reach the scale of 100-vs-100, so “massive” is not an overstatement.

If you want to learn more, head over to the NeoGAF forum, where this information leaked, or wait until the newest issue of Game Informer.