NBA Baller Beats



I think everyone that has seen this trailer in the last week has been thinking the same thing. What is Microsoft and Majesco thinking?

I know that Majesco has been working on a lot of Kinect games but I feel like this can go two ways when NBA Baller Beats comes out. It can do really well and a lot of people will buy this or NBA Baller Beats can do terrible and no one will buy it therefore leaving it stacked up in retailers across the U.S. I don’t know if any of you have played Tony Hawks Ride or Shred games but I think this game will suffer from the same experience as both of those games had faced. They were overpriced and trying to skateboard in your living room was a terrible idea in the first place.

Depending the price point of this game it may sell decently. The only concern I have as a gamer and a house owner is my floors. Didn’t the creators moms ever tell them no playing ball in the house? I fell like they missed that moment in there childhood which may effect tons of families that own Xbox 360’s Kinect. What about people that live in apartments? I don’t think they can even think about playing this game if they live above anyone.  Maybe I am thinking too negatively about this but I have seen other games in the past fail when you add peripherals that you need with the game that end up being too big, tiresome, and expensive. I guess when NBA Baller Beats is released we will all see what kind of game it turns out to be.