Get Skype on your PS Vita


Last week the PlayStation network update for the PS Vita included one of their newest applications, Skype.   I had a chance this week to use Skype on my PS Vita. I wanted to see how the battery life and  the quality of the video was. My friend lives in Portland so I decided to give her a Skype video call to see the results. The video lagged a little bit but I enjoyed the fact that you can switch between the front and rear cameras. If you subscribed to PlayStation Networks emails then you probably also got a voucher for free 60 minutes which I thought was pretty nice of them. The battery life of my Vita did not suffer greatly from the Skype call actually.

I think the coolest party about having Skype on my PS Vita was that I can take a call even though I am in the middle of a game. I was playing Unit 13 and my friend called me. The game automatically paused and it notified me that a Skype video call is coming through. When the call was over the game was still running and it did not interfere with what I was already doing on my PS Vita. All and all if you need to use Skype for any reason and own a PS Vita then the free app download is worth it.