The Ending of Mass Effect

There will be spoilers. Der.

To say that you didn’t like the way Mass Effect ended is to say you didn’t like Mass Effect 3 as a whole. Let me explain: Mass Effect 3 consisted entirely of an ending. From start to finish, the whole game closed out the trilogy that we have grown to love. I know that this subject has been talked about to death, and I’ll just be beating a horse that has already decomposed as it starts to fester in the hot summer sun. However, if you look at all three games together, what I’m about to say will make sense. At least it makes sense in my mind.

The first game was great as an opening. It set everything up and let you become familiar with a very unique and imaginative universe with an expansive lore and rich content. It started pretty slow as you wandered the Citadel, for what seemed like hours on end, just talking to people and maybe getting into a firefight or two. The action eventually ramped up, and you learned about the true threat: The Reapers.

Then, we got Mass Effect 2. This game was the rising action. You started to really see just how far the threat of The Reapers reached and just how influential their corruption was. Things got more tense and the risk of danger seem higher. All the while, even more lore was crammed into a universe that was already fleshed out. The universe took on its own life.

Finally, we come to Mass Effect 3 which, when looked at as a part of the whole saga, is the ending. It starts with the climax of the universe. Every thing that the first two games have been building up to comes to fruition within the first five minutes of the game. From that point on, you are creating your own ending to the universe. You decide what happens with the Krogan and the Genophage. You decide what becomes of the Geth and the Quarian. You are crafting your own epilogue. Everything that happens after The Reapers is already being decided by you.

You may feel like you didn’t get enough closure with the main characters of the game, but Mass Effect is so much more than those few roles. BioWare wouldn’t have spent so much time giving life to this universe if the only thing that mattered was Shepard and his crew. It extends far beyond them, and Mass Effect 3 was meant to give an ending to everything, which it did. If you want to know what happens to Joker, EDI, Liara, and the rest, I’m sure all you have to do is wait for the DLC, which was probably going to come regardless the public outcry.

I’m not saying you have to agree with me on this. I’m not even saying that I’m right about it. It’s just the way that I’ve come to look at it.