The Lost Level Round Table: Mass Effect 3

The Lost Level Round Table discussion for Mass Effect 3 is here! Chris was really excited to sit down with the guys and discuss his favorite franchise. We haven’t done a Round Table in a while, so as a reminder this cast is spoiler heavy. We do not hold back, so if you haven’t played Mass Effect 3 then wait to listen to this until you have seen the credits roll. Unless you don’t mind being spoiled.

The Lost Levelers discuss everything from story, characters, and controls to the ending of the game. Find out what the guys think about the end of the trilogy. We loved recording this cast, so we hope you enjoy it!

Great series always spark great conversation, and this round table is full of it! OK, well full of great discussion, not full of the other stuff that phrase implies. We could have talked about Mass Effect for hours, but we tried to focus in on some main points that we hope you enjoy. If you have an opinion then write us, tell us what you think! Add a comment to the story, or email us!

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We hope you enjoy the cast!

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