REVIEW: American Reunion

When American Pie opened in 1999 it created the raunchy teenage comedy trend. It was a bold, fresh take on teen movies. It had great characters and over the top hi-jinx. It quickly became a franchise that turned out a couple decent sequels, as well as some direct to video movies that never quite lived up to the original magic of the three original Pie movies. America Wedding, the third American Pie movie felt like the perfect closure for this cast of characters. So why did we need to revisit these characters again many years later? The answer is simple, we didn’t.

American Pie worked when these kids were teens dealing with teen issues. Seeing them grown up still dealing with over the top shenanigans isn’t very funny, and it’s actually kinda boring. Since 1999 there have been so many copy cats that none of this material is new, and as I watched American Reunion I kept wondering why I was still expecting something fresh from the series. There was nothing new because like I mentioned before they tied up the character arcs in American Wedding. Watching a grown man still act like Stifler was not funny, and it was almost cringe worthy. He redeemed his character in the last movie, to see him be the same person many years later makes all his progress in American Wedding completely meaningless. I understand that maybe I am asking too much from a comedy, but that’s what originally set American Pie apart from its counterparts. It always had a lot of heart.

I really enjoyed the first three movies in this franchise, and I hoped to like this, but American Reunion is an uninspired bore. There was nothing interesting left to say about these characters, and seeing where some of them ended up in life ruined some of my love for them. The raunchy teen comedy has evolved since 1999, and this cast is simply too old to try to continue using the same recycled jokes. There aren’t any more slices of pie left in this franchise. It’s time to move on.

RATING 1 out of 4


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