The Lost Level: Episode 31

Sometimes great ideas don’t always pan out, and that is why this episode was delayed the way it was. The original episode 31 was very different. Chris had the idea to do something special for April Fools Day, but he hates the bullshit story route that the internet always does, so he wanted to create an episode so funny, so ambitious it would have put Lost Level on the map for every podcast listener across the land. So he created the ‘Dubbed” episode. However, he did not atinicpate just how much Adam can swear when you let him go uncaged on an episode. So that idea couldn’t happen, but there is a sample of is at the beginning of this cast, I suggest you check it out!

The long awaited episode 31 is here for your listening pleasure! We hope you enjoy it, and please spread the word about the podcast. We really appreciate it. Stay tuned for more episodes from your favorite podacsters, as well a new Round Table coming in the next week. The guys, and maybe Christina will sit down and discuss Mass Effect 3!

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