GameStop Warning Consumers About Price of Buying Used

It seems a though now, more than ever, GameStop has been getting a lot of flak for their used game sales. Maybe it’s because the public is opening their eyes to how it hurts the industry, or maybe it’s because game developers are recently doing more about counteracting these sales with things such as online passes. To that end, GameStop has recently settled a suit in which they are now required to post signs in their stores located in California that warn consumers about additional fees that are required to access online content when they buy a used game. GameStop is also giving people who bought “qualifying used games”  a $10 check and $5 coupon if they are PowerUp Rewards members or a $5 check and $10 coupon if they aren’t as a form of reimbursement.

Mark Pifko, attorney for firm Baron and Budd and counsel in the lawsuit, seemed pleased with the outcome. He stated, “The in-store and online warnings are an important benefit under the settlement as well, because if GameStop discloses the truth to consumers, it is unlikely that they will be able to continue selling used copies of certain games for only $5 less than the price of a new copy. In fact, we already know that not long after the lawsuit was filed, GameStop lowered prices for used copies of many of the game titles identified in the lawsuit.” Baron and Budd even set up a facebook page for consumers who have been affected by this. This is a small victory against used games sales, but we’ll take it.