Where’s The Podcasts?

What’s up internet?! Long time no talk… The crew at Lost Level has been busy with some behind the scenes stuff. We never meant to take a few weeks off like we did, but sometimes life gets in the way, like (unsuccessful) Knight tryouts at Medieval Times. We actually recorded The Lost Level: Episode 30 a while back, but we didn’t think it was good enough to release. I know what you’re thinking, “But more than half the episodes you release are shit!” Well to you I say… shut up! Words hurt. To other fans I want wanted to apologize, and I wanted to announce that WE ARE BACK!

Fresh new episodes for your ear holes are coming… You will be unprepared… whatever that means. Where did I get that from? That just came out randomly. I just looked it up, apparently that’s taken from the poster for Sucker Punch. Jesus, even the tagline sucked for that movie.

In addition to new episodes, the Lost Level family has a new addition! I want you to please give a full and hearty golf clap to Christina Rago. Christina has already begun to fill our pages with reviews, and she will be a special guest on some of our podcasts! We are very happy to have her on board.

So stay tuned to the second coming of The Lost Level! New episode next week! I hope to get a report from G soon. We haven’t talked to him since Episode 29. All we know is that he woke up in the Philippines with no memory of recording the last episode.