The Lost Level: Episode 29

It’s finally here! The Lost Level: Episode 29 is good to the last shot! Well in G’s case anyway… Gzep is taking a long vacation, and the guys try to send him off in style. Sometimes good intentions aren’t always the best ones, and that is why we had to record two different versions of Episode 29. There was a lot of great material from “the lost 29th” and we couldn’t ditch it all. So Chris decided to work in random tidbits from G’s adventure into a bottle of Tequila. This is hands down the funniest episode that will never see the light of day, but fear not, some parts are still alive in this new version of the podcast!

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Whenever you hear the Wayne’s World sound the episode switches to the alternate reality episode for a quick sound bite, then goes back into the episode right after.

We will miss our Japanese gaming reporter, and graphic designer. So sending him off in style was the way to go… Next time Gzep takes a long vacation we will probably not have him do shots during the podcast anymore, but we didn’t know what to expect! Actually we probably will make him do it again, because Chris never laughed so hard in his life. Great times were had in the making of episode 29, and we hope you enjoy it. Please stay after the Outro music for some more “deep thoughts” by Gzep. And if you haven’t listen to our easter eggs in the past, the guys try to throw at least on in at the end of almost all of our shows.

Have fun in the mother land G, we will miss you!

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*No people of Asian descent were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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