Episode 24 News… Adam’s Car Sucks


Sometimes life happens… Like the one time you meant to mow the lawn, but the football game was on. Or the one time you were on your way to pay back your gambling debts, but on the way you met Champagne, the stripper with a heart of gold. It’s happened to all of us a thousand times. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to record our podcast on time this week. I know, I know. I want to tell you guys a lavish story, full of adventure, and danger. I want to tell you that on the way to recording Adam fought a bear with his bare hands, and now the bear walks with a limp. That would make a great blog, but the fact of the matter is Adam has a hooptie. It likes to break down on days that we are recording one of the most important casts we have ever done… So feel free to give Adam grief for the delay in our cast.

We are going to try and meet up again this week to record our first cast of 2012. It will be our awards for 2011 cast. What will our top 5 games and movies be? We all have very different opinions, so I’m sure our lists will be very unique. Will Adam give X-Men: First Class his movie of the year because of a certain cameo? Will Alex jump through portals to proclaim his number 1? Did Chris even like a movie this year? It’s hard to tell by his reviews… Why did Chris just drop into third person as he is writing this? Find out in our latest podcast, coming soon.

In the meantime Gzep constructed his “Top 20 Games of 2011” article on his blog page. Check it out, some great choices on his list.

Thank you for your patience, when you write in with your hate mail, please sent it Adam. His car is a piece of excrement.