Bethesda and Interplay Lawsuit Settled

A couple days ago, reports were coming out that Bethesda and Interplay settled on the lawsuit in regards to a Fallout MMO. For those of you who don’t know, Interplay, the original creators on the Fallout series, sold the IP to Bethesda and used that money reopen after being shut down. Bethesda let Interplay retained the rights to create a Fallout MMO provided they meet certain parameters. Bethesda then sued Interplay, claiming that those parameters have not been met. The first two injunctions that Bethesda filed were denied and the two companies went to court mid-December. Listen, it’s all very legal and very confusing, and there’s no real easy way to explain it. Let’s just say the fate of a Fallout MMO is up in the air at this point.

The specifics of the settlement are still unknown to the public, but they are expected to be revealed by the end of this month. Hopefully, the fate of the Fallout MMO will also be revealed. I, for one, am nervous about what will become of the game… and will probably be unhappy with any outcome. Let me explain.

Outcome 1: development on the project gets shut down and I never get to play a Fallout MMO. The newsletters and the beta program I signed up for will all be for naught. I will be sad in my life.

Outcome 2: Interplay continues with the project’s development and they meet the launch window of late 2012 that they set back in 2010. I then proceed to have a terrible internal struggle on whether or not I want to play another MMO. It’s much like the struggle I had when Star Wars: The Old Republic came out, or the one I have whenever I glance at the dusty World of Warcraft box sitting on my shelf. Eventually, presumably after a long night of drinking, I will break down and and delve into the world of a Fallout MMO, and I will be in a sad(der) life.

Whatever happens, the results and how they affect me will not be pretty. Just… just try to remember me during my happier times.