Heavy Rain Directors Cut Coming November 8th

Heavy Rain is a game that tells a story in a very innovative way, even if that story lies to you and has parts that make no sense. Granted, there were deleted scenes from the game that would supposedly have those nonsense parts actually make sense. Thankfully, Sony has announced a Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut that presumably have those deleted scenes. Wait… It won’t? *sigh*

Okay, so what will this version have that makes it a “Director’s Cut?” Along with the full game, you will get “The Taxidermist” DLC, the soundtrack, a new front-end menu that supports the PlayStation Move, 8 “making of ” videos, Three Dynamic Themes (Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain ARI Forest, Heavy Rain ARI Mars), 15 new pieces of concept art, and 2 bonus trailers. Additionally, the Heavy Rain Crime Scene Dynamic Theme is going to be free for everyone through PSN. The Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut will be available on November 8th for $30.