RUMOR: Final Fantasy X for the PS3 and Vita is going to be a Full Remake

Now this is such a shocker even though we all have to admit Square Enix is solely wasting their time on this, rather than focusing on — well, gee what else? — Final Fantasy Versus XIII or the fabled Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is what everyone wants demands.

In any case, here are some details c/o a translated Spanish gaming website. It’s too good to be true:

  • Use the same engine that Final Fantasy XIII and adapted to PSVita.
  • All that is made from scratch with the new engine is the design of the characters, the aeons and stage elements.
  • The sets and scenes in HD remasters CGI will implement a “filter” FFXIII Engine.
  • The magic and some lighting effects are achieved with the new engine “Luminous”.
  • The Blitzball undergo small changes.
  • Online options will include (not yet known details).
  • The release date in Japan in fiscal 2012.
  • That’s all the details we could learn from PSTime, soon we will offer new information.

Thoughts? Wild speculation? Fire it up.