This Week on Lost Level

What’s up Internet!? Long time… Sorry for the delay in our shows. We had some scheduling conflicts, and rather than release a weaker cast we chose to wait and get everyone together. This week we are going to release 2 casts! The long awaited The Lost Level: Episode 6, and the Round Table: Shadows of the Damned. We are like Puto Clauses, showering the internet with podcasts and tequila! (it’s a Shadows joke, not everyone will get it, some people will read that and ask, “what is a puto clause”?) Just go with it…

Thanks for your patience, as a reward Chris might even write a blog… But it’s more likely he’ll just make G.

We can’t wait to record the new episodes, until then, enjoy a previous cast, or follow us on Twitter, maybe Facebook, twiddle your thumbs, post some mean comments about Adam, tell us how much you miss ‘Mr. Nips”, go “planking”, or maybe “owling”. I really want to make G go “owling”, maybe Adam and I will force him to “owl” somewhere. Do you “Owl”? Why? I need to understand this stuff, as I write this I think G IS going to “owl” now, and we’ll just keep him “owling” for hours until Adam and I can fully grasp these concepts. Maybe it will be our next campaign to get more followers on Twitter.  Starving him seemed to work for Facebook “likes”.

See you later this week!