The Lost Level: Episode Five

This week on The Lost Level… Chris talks a little bit about replaying the Mass Effect series over the weekend, plus a game everybody should be familiar with called Black Ops (y’know: Call of Duty). Meanwhile, Adam continues to discuss his love affair with the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, and has also acquired the HD remake of Beyond Good & Evil. And then there’s G talking about a really badass samurai movie called 13 Assassins. It’s actually directed by the guy who’s making the live-action adaptation movie of Phoenix Wright if that helps…

Plus– thoughts on Gears of War 3 being leaked, the PlayStation 4 having motion controls, Arkham City’s amazing 12 minute footage, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD trailers, Daniel Radcliffe and booze, the Pirates movies making a lot of money, AND more!

Running Time: 46:30
1:26 — Mass Effect series and Black Ops
6:01 — Beyond Good and Evil HD
9:05 — 13 Assassins
12:46 — (NEWS) Gears of War 3 leakage
14:18 — Rumor: PlayStation 4 to have Kinnect-style motion controls
18:25 — Arkham City 12 minute clip impressions
22:20 — Limbo heading to the PS3
23:18 — The latest Dragon’s Dogma trailer
26:46 — Team ICO Collection trailers
30:30 — Daniel Radcliffe and his secret alcohol addiction
31:58 — Thor 2 confirmed for 2013
34:48 — First Avenger title changes (/NEWS)
35:56 — Box Office Blurbs
40:10 — Deals of the Week