The Lost Level: Episode Four

This week on The Lost Level… returning guest “Mr. Nips” a.k.a. Alex sits the fourth chair to discuss Ms. Spolosion Man and Crysis 2. While G and Adam, on the hand, continue to exchange engaging words with Grasshopper Manufacture’s crazy masterpiece;¬†Shadows of the Damned! And then Chris gives his opinion regarding Duke Nukem Forever and a movie called Bad Teacher. Oh and there’s some Sonic talk too as G, somehow, tries to convince everybody that Sonic Generations will be the “curse breaker”.

The crew will also be talking about their favorite games of the year, so far,¬†since we’ve now reached the first half of 2011.

Plus– thoughts on Supreme Court blocking violent video games ban, the Uncharted 3 Beta, Famitsu giving LA Noire a near perfect score, a PSN survival horror game called Amy, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol teaser trailer, G.I. Joe 2 casting, Toy Story 4 possibility AND more!

Running Time: 1:10:36
2:41– Crysis 2
6:00 — Ms Splosion Man
8:04 — Shadows of the Damned
13:00 — Duke Nukem Forever
18:58 — Sonic Generations Demo
22:12 — Bad Teacher
26:01 — (NEWS) Supreme Court & violent game-banning
30:20 — Gears of War 3 Beta Goodies
31:57 — Uncharted 3 Beta
37:41 — Japan loves LA Noire
41:54 — A PSN game called Amy
46:33 — PS3 price drop imminent?
47:43 — WoW free until Level 20
49:24 — Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol teaser trailer
50:40 — Shia not returning for Transformers 4
51:52 — GI Joe 2 update
55:57 — Tom Hanks and Toy Story 4
58:46 — Battlefield 3 preorders out selling Modern Warfare 3 reserves (/NEWS)
1:00:46 — Our top games of the year, so far.