This Week On Lost Level

This is a busy week for the guys at Lost Level. We are excited to announce that we will have 3 new casts this week. The Lost Level: Episode 3 will be arriving on Tuesday. In this episode the guys are joined by Adam, from our X-Men First Class Round-Table. We will be covering the latest game and movie news, as well as our thoughts on Super 8.

The next Movie Round-Table the guys put on their power rings to discuss The Green Lantern. Will Ryan Reynolds overcome the critical reviews? Find out what the guys think.

And rounding out the week is our first Game Round-Table, inFAMOUS 2. The Beast is in New Maris, and the LL crew take it head on. Ok, we let Cole handle him, but we safely watch the battle from the Red Ring Electronics store.

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All Round-Tables are spoiler heavy, and meant to be listened to after you have watched, or played.