The Lost Level: Episode Eighty-Seven

episode 87

Once in a while a podcast comes and shakes the very foundations of humanity. It makes people look inwardly and reevaluate their very being. Some may see this as an end to the old ways. Others… Others see this as a dawn of a new era. This is not that podcast. Actually, in retrospect, a podcast has probably never done that. What this episode does do, however, is give our listeners a more in-depth look at Destiny. We also go into gaming and movie news, such as Xbox One sales in Japan, what to expect from the new X-men movies, and Avengers 3 possibly being a two-parter.

The Lost Level: Episode Eighty-Six

episode 86

It’s that time again! We got another episode of The Lost Level coming your way. There is a lot for us to be excited about in this episode. Alex’s favorite game of 2013, Gone Home, becomes a map in Counter-Strike, Deadpool is officially in the works for a full-fledged movie, and the Bourne Series is kicking it into high gear. This is news that makes us happy. We hope it makes you happy too.

The Lost Level: Episode Eighty-Five

episode 85

Tangents on tangents on tangents! Sometimes we here at Lost Level get excited and carried away with stuff.  Occasionally, we get a little side-tracked with what we were originally talking about. It happens to everybody. Like, one time I had this dog that would love to play fetch, so every Sunday we would go in the back a play fetch for an hour or so with a tennis ball. We wouldn’t use the good tennis ball of course, because my tennis coach would get mad at me if I did that. One time he even… Wait… What were we talking about? Oh yeah! Tangents! We go on a lot of those this episode. So, I can kinda tell you what we talked about this episode, but it won’t be 100% accurate. We go into the Ouya and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Then we just go into  a bunch of comic book movie news that sort of becomes one weird heap of  interconnected thoughts that still makes sense. It’s entertaining to say the least. Anyways, hope you enjoy this as much as my dog liked playing fetch!

The Lost Level: Episode Eighty-Four

episode 84

Welcome back to Lost Level. We were busying trying to get some other things in the works. Now that we got all that figured out, we decided it was time to bring you a new episode. This week the crew talks about the Silent Hill Playable Teaser, Gamestop being Gamestop, and some more news from the set of Star Wars. On a more somber note, the crew remembers the greatness that was Robin Williams as they discuss the movies of his that meant the most to them.


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